Gwen Flamberg’s Guide To Beauty

Glamberg's go-tos for staying fresh during Fashion Week.

When it comes to all things beauty, who better to tell-all than Cov-alum Gwen Flamberg? When it comes to taking advice for where to go and what to buy at the beauty counter, there’s very few people whose word we’ll take for it… Glamberg (as we like to call her!) is one. Get out your pen and paper, people; there will be a quiz after!

For skincare: “I’m loving skincare by La Prairie, SK-II and Guerlain right now. I create a big cocktail every morning and evening. I swear by Tracie Martyn body care. It’s amazing stuff. Facialists Sonya Dakar and Tracie Martyn taught me so much and I’m indebted to Dr. David Colbert who eradicated my basal cell skin cancer sans surgery and introduced me to his magical Triad facial.”

For hair: “For hair, that cleansing conditioner, Wen, is the best for my sensitive scalp. And I love Fekkai’s Technician’s Mask: it gives my long hair shine and body—a hard combo to come by. More than products are the pros I’ve been fortunate to work with in my role and now call friends and support staff members! I couldn’t live without my haircutter and colourist, the genius Harry Josh. I love Philip B products: the Drop Dead Straightening Balm is awesome, and I love Living Proof’s Straight. Couture Colour Pequi Oil is pretty rad too for smoothing split ends.”

For fragrance: “I love scent so much. I usually create my own by mixing a few favourites. For years I blended Kiehl’s Musk with Kai, which is gardenia based. Right now I’m loving By Kilian’s Don’t Be Shy and Back to Black and also Dior Patchouli Imperial and Oud Ispahan. Then I touch up throughout the day with Angel. Sounds crazy but people are always asking me what I’m wearing and I think that’s because it smells exotic, and they’ve never smelled it before.”

For nails: “I used to always be a dark nail girl, but I’ve been loving an opaque nude! For manis and pedis, I love Jin Soon Choi’s Natural Hand & Foot Spas: they’re relaxing and clean, they have the best polish colours (CHANEL Vendetta - My all-time fave!) and they serve this super delish citrus tea. I’ve also just gotten into tenoverten: it’s pretty convenient, but still a little slice of chic.

For travel: “I’m a fan of hot weather; I love visiting Buzios, Brazil and try to get there every year. When I travel I always bring my favourite sunscreen: Skinceuticals tinted fluid and SunBum SPF 50 clear spray. Also I won’t get on a plane without an SK-II mask; it’s the only way to look human when you arrive.”

As for Flamberg's five ultimate beauty secrets?

“Wear sunscreen. It really will make a difference later on.”

“Sleep with a humidifier: it gives you dewy skin and helps your breathing to boot!”

“Use a cloth mask like SK-II’s once a week; you won’t see your pores anymore.”

“Stop washing your hair more than once a week.”

“Ditch powder and use blotting papers to refresh skin.”

“SMILE MORE… Oops! That’s 6!”

- As told to The Coveteur by US Weekly’s Beauty Director, Gwen Flamberg

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