Heat Wave

Because in our books, this lipstick is just effective as air conditioning.

Personally, we blame the whole not-quite-red, not-quite-orange lip color thing on Jenna Lyons. Her work over at J. Crew has not only pushed us to up our printed trouser game (we're not the only ones who feel slightly defeated sartorially after thumbing through those things, right?) but is also the driving force behind our perennial pursuit for the perfect coral-y red lip. Plus, it's kind of seasonally appropriate, no? Seriously—a bright lip and expertly filled-in brow adds interest to even the most slapdash of well-worn tee-and-cutoff combinations. Fourth of July weekend ready, much? 

We recommend applying this on either straight out of the tube or with a lip brush, over a light layer of liner—yes, it's a little 90's, but do you really want to be stealing away to re-apply mid-mimosa? No, you don't. And we swear it's for those who are still scared of popper, punchier hues; when we say this is "universally flattering" and "suits a range of skin tones", it's not hyperbole. In fact, it's kind of like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Lipstick... but not, because sharing lipstick might get a little gross.

Natalie Joos

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Natalie Joos

You may also like Natalie Joos


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