Staring at your phone = gym motivation

Oh, Instagram.

We've already waxed poetic about the little-photo-sharing-app that could; but the social media service really is the gift that keeps on giving. After all, without it, we wouldn't know exactly how happy our ex-whatevers are at all times (or, as we like to tell ourselves, how happy they're pretending to be). We would be completely unaware that that impossibly cool Parisian friend-of-a-friend of yours somehow scored a pair of Riccardo Tisci x Nike kicks and that you now have to hate her even more. But aside from documenting the envy-inspiring conspicuous consumption of others, Instagram has also served to foster burgeoning communities for virtually every niche you could ever think of. And while there's the ubiquitous #RichKids, model sleepovers and newly-found-road-trip-besties (ahem, T. Swift), specifically, at least for today, we want to zero in on the respective vegan, raw and fitness communities. There's just something hypnotizing about watching someone do burpees for 15-seconds while blaring rap music plays, okay?! Here are six of our favorites. 



Meet Mary Helen Bowers, a professional ballerina who has the likes of Julia Roitfeld, Lily Aldridge, Stephanie LaCava and Miranda Kerr in her studio on the regs; and who was en pointe virtually throughout all nine months of her pregnancy. Oh, did we not mention that she literally just had a baby and looks like this? 


Imagine getting your om on in Bali on the daily? In technicolor tye-dye? Yeah, we'd likely be a lot more relaxed, too. In the meantime, though, there's @gypsetgoddess, who does just that for our viewing pleasure.


Hannah Bronfman's love of coconut oil, avocado, 'mylk' and all-gluten-free everything is well-documented, but can we please address her work-out video game? From Beyoncé dance classes (which, lets be real, is an investigative feature unto itself), to calisthenics and Pilates, Bronfman knows how to mix it up when she breaks a sweat—and somehow manages to look good doing it.


We don't know exactly what it is about Aussies and looking so incredibly glowing (and with seemingly very little effort) and vibrant at every single photographic opportunity—with or without the help of the Valencia filter. If Jessica Sepel's Instagram account is to be believed it's with the help of a Vitamix, plenty of protein, a little yoga and Meatless Mondays.


Cute workout gear, rainbow-hued smoothies in photo op-ready mason jars and Pinterest-worthy infographics that actually make those complicated and intimidating machines at the gym seem approachable. Need we say more?


You don't get to a whopping one million (and growing) followers by slacking on the work-out front, kids. Enter Missy of Mankofit, who, as a competitive athlete, offers not only shots of annotated meals and stretches that defy gravity, but also 15-second clips that will have you happily hitting the elliptical after a day at the office (or at least, you know, thinking about it).

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