Jacquie Aiche x The Coveteur

#TheCoveTribe - Emmanuel Chiriqui, Sama & Haya and more. Los Angeles

What do you get when you combine a bunch of babes, an endless supply of diamonds, emeralds and rubies, the California sunshine, some T&A (the following is a little NSFW, guys!), the #JATribe, The Coveteur, a whole lot of love and good vibes? To put it simply: This.

Allow us to rewind to where this little love affair began: Rachel Roy’s… her living room to be exact. Roy was covered in these delicate hand chains, body chains and rings that said “love,” “me,” “f*ck” and “you.” Before we could even process the part about Rihanna, Demi Moore and Charlize Theron being longtime fans, we were e-mailing back and fourth with the Jacquie Aiche and practically begging to be part of “the tribe.”

And what better way to get acquainted with the official #JATribe then to combine forces and subsequently unite as #TheCoveTribe to meet (just some!) of their loyal members. Cue: Actress, Emmanuelle Chriqui (yes, that fellow Canadian babe from Entourage et al.); models, Sama and Haya Abu Khadra; Kundalini, Alana Greszata and Phoenix Cotner; Yoga instructor, Guru Jagat, Actress Shiva Rose; and personal assistant, Lisa Momberger. And while some of these girls may seem to have polarizing personas, the magic happened after each girl chose their signature Jacquie Aiche jewels, stepped in front of Jake’s camera and made it their own.

Once we had the tribe on board, we rounded up the hair and make-up troops (Vanessa Bragdon and Kerry Malouf) and it was all hands on deck. We raided the showroom with each girl and gave them full creative freedom to mix and match pieces that fit their personal aesthetic. Chriqui was more than comfortable in her own skin, stripping down (it was just her top, okay?) to her jeans and draping her back in an assortment of diamonds.

“It makes you actually feel like a goddess!” she told us. “It’s the perfect combination of funky and beautiful and stunning, yet effortless.”

With 90’s/00's mash-up beats blasting in the background, the studio lit up with pure energy as each girl came into her own.

“See what happens when good people come together?” Aiche told us with a giant smile. “Magic!”


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