Get It or Regret It

Everything on sale that you need to buy now. Or else.

There’s nothing quite like sale season to inspire alternating feelings of “score!” and self-loathing. One minute you’re gloating over a Giambattista feathered jacket you scored at 90% off, the next you’re wailing over the loss of Miu Miu sandals just half a size too small. You know the deal.

Nevertheless, the time is unequivocally now to strike when it comes to the loafers or holy-sh*t-I-need-that-now cocoon coat you’ve been eyeing all season. Mainly because if you don’t, they’ll soon be relegated to outlet malls in the middle of nowhere (or something). 

But don’t fret over plunking down your pennies on something you’ll need to stash in your closet for another eight months—after all, we’re talking about the seasonless staples that will carry you through the year. That next level Proenza Schouler aquamarine watercolor-y dream of a dress that you’ll wear all summer long? You can almost definitely justify it when it is literally over $2000 off. Ditto for a Saint Laurent alpaca (!) cross body bag. It’s also the best time to snap up the pieces you couldn’t necessarily ball out on during the rest of the year. Floral Acne loafers? A Carven skirt wrapped in black tulle? Make your move—before we do.

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