Jessica Hart

Model. Los Angeles

We’re always asking our Coveteurs, “If your shoes could talk, what would they say?” And while we think we’ve heard just about every response on the spectrum, we’re sure that if a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes could speak they would simple say, “You’re welcome!” You see, Mr. Ferragamo himself set out to do two things: make shoes that pleased the eye and pleased the wearer. (Fact: He studied anatomy at University of Southern California. You’re taking notes, right? There will be a quiz later!) Los Angeles holds a warm place in the Ferragamo family’s heart. After convincing his family to move to California in 1914, he set up shop, which quickly became the go-to spot for the who’s who of Hollywood; we always say, if it was good enough for Marilyn Monroe, then… well, you know how this ends. It’s no surprise that that signature deep red shopping bag embellished with gold lettering continues to be carried on the arms of men and women alike strolling up and down Rodeo Drive.

Now, enough history lesson, let’s get to the festivities, shall we? To celebrate Ferragamo’s long-standing love for all things L.A. and the eve of it's 100th anniversary in America (!!!), they created a so-Cal capsule collection of limited edition shoes, handbags and accessories. And what better way to toast to 100 years than a big ol’ party at the newly renovated and reopened Wallis Annenberg Centre for the Performing Arts (the former Post Office)… times two, may we add! So when our friends at Ferragamo sent us a big fancy red enveloped invite to the “intimate” dinner (think: 200 or so very, very important people like Anya Ziourova, Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea and more), we jumped on the first flight.

One of those was the Jessica Hart, and what better way to preview the collection than on a girl who wears it better than, like, 99% of us. We caught up with Hart at the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel and played fly-on-the-wall as she got dressed for the magical night. She opted for a head-to-toe grey look straight off of Massimiliano Giornetti's F/W runway and dashed down the hall and out the door quickly enough to make a fashionable not-so-late entrance. Before sitting down to the fancy candle-lit feast, Hart gave us a personal tour of the pop-up. Because if there’s anyone we’ve ever wanted to go shopping with, it’s her.



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