Jessica Sailer

Market Editor, Vogue. New York

Coveteur homegirl, J.S. has totally got the whole feminine with an edge thing down to a science. Case and point: Her ruffled, very Victorian, Givenchy blouse meets those black and white, Y-3 sneaker wedges. (Dear, Theo. If you’re reading this, Chanukah is quickly approaching and they’d look major under our menorah. Please and thanks!) After honing her skills at Ralph Lauren and picking up some serious swag for work and play—on weekends, this city chick trades in heels and handbags for riding boots, jeans and a polo mallet—she headed inside the four most coveted walls in the fashion world - yes, Anna Wintour’s office. We’re almost positive that black-to-green (and then back to black) Prada winter coat was an infusion of Anna’s signature style into her’s. After working with Ms. Wintour, Sailer sailed down the hall for a brief stint in Virginia Smith’s office, before heading out on her own as the contemporary market editor. Her job? Browsing the market for the best of the best in swimwear to sportswear. In addition to that, Sailer is currently the editor of Vogue’s Index- that lust-worthy section of the mag, which features a glam girl and even more glam goods. From that leather/fur Balenciaga vest to that Proenza sample sale score (we seriously hate you for that one!), it’s safe to say Sailer’s closet has taken a serious hit—in the best way possible—from her scouring the markets for a living. And although her closet and apartment totally give off that true NYC uptown/downtown-vibe, Sailer is a true Arizona girl at heart. And by the looks of her southwest printed Balenciaga coat, there’s no denying that you can take the girl out of AZ, but you can’t take the AZ out of the girl.


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