John Eshaya

Owner, JET. Los Angeles

You know when you meet someone and the first thing you can think of is, “I want that shirt”? Yeah. That’s how we felt when we were greeted by JET founder, John Eshaya.

The way girls can sit around and reminisce about their memorable Juicy Couture velour sweatsuits is essentially the same thing we do with JET and their super-soft, thin-as-paper sweatpants and sweatshirts we wore as pre-teens at summer camp. “Everyone has a story about them,” Eshaya said. “JET started in 1987 in my bedroom at my parent’s house. I was a salesperson at Fred Segal Melrose, and I’d buy recycled Levi's and re-work them. Bleach, add eyelet, buttons, and sell them to the buyer. The vision of my brand is to create what becomes your favorite item in your closet.” (We can attest to him achieving that.)

Eshaya’s closet is filled with those I-wish-that-was-mine vintage T-shirts that can’t be bought or replicated, even with a full D.I.Y. day of scissors and bleach. After giving us a tour of his eclectic bungalow, which is a whimsical mix of modern meets mid-century religious – think: Warhols and Murakami alongside a religious shrine – Eshaya led us to door in his hallway. Inside, he revealed a stash of beyond-worn-in, sheer, falling-apart-at-the-seams Tees that had us completely speechless. For people (ahem, us) who are guilty of dropping a major dollar on vintage (read: Breeze by KD shirts; Google it), this was really like a mecca of everything we ever wanted… and everything we could never have. Eshaya dug through the neatly arrange stacks, piling shirt after shirt upon us. As the pile of band Tees grew, we quickly realized his not-so-secret love for Madonna: “I’ve loved her since 1983 from the first time I heard ‘Holiday.’ It's my longest relationship!” he joked.

And though the man does love himself a good vintage shirt, he certainly has a penchant for the, er, finer things in life: Louis Vuitton trunks, messenger bags, loafers and LV monogrammed soccer balls (yes, you read that right); just look, don’t touch.


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