Just BeKaws

Attention, art fiends! Get your paws on some Kaws.

It won’t come as any surprise that we’re art fanatics here at The Coveteur—how could we not be when we come face-to-face with Warhols, Basquiats and Keith Harrings on the regular (and that was just at the Hilfigers’!). But there’s one artist in particular that induces schoolgirl-squeals—we admit it, we’re krazy for Kaws.

Kaws (aka New York-based artist Brian Donnelly) is like Kid Robot gone couture—prints and designer art-toy hybrids that have adult collectors drooling like a kid at the FAO Schwartz candy bar. A taste? Statues look like they’ve been tilted sideways and dip-dyed in nuclear waste, exposing neon organs and muscles made of vinyl—a cartoon-y version of those creepy half-skinned models from doctor’s offices and high school health class.

Then there are the highlighter-bright prints and trippy artist renderings of characters like The Simpsons and Snoopy, coolest of which may just be the three-eyed Mickey Mouse that would’ve scarred our three-year-old selves for life, but has our grown-up selves ready to fork over a paycheque to get our hands on one. Jewelry designer to the stars (and total Kaws-fiend) Ben Baller got his as a gift from Hong Kong actor Edison Chen.

“[Chen is] a big sneaker-head, streetwear ambassador and model,” says Baller. “He’s connected big time! He has had a few 1000% Bearbrick collaborations, which is like a Bucket List thing for me to have or do.” Fact: At one point, Baller also owned the largest collection of 1000% Bearbricks on earth. “I collected these since 2003 when the Kaws one dropped in Tokyo and ever since I've been hooked. I find these all over the country and almost never in L.A. from London, Paris, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tokyo. Over the span of eight years, I acquired around 44 total 1000% size Bearbricks, including the ever-so-rare CHANEL x Karl Lagerfeld edition, which I had 2 of; one was stolen! These were a huge part of my life and art collection. I had to auction them off at Guy Hepner gallery in March 2012 because I didn't have the space in our new house… and I had to grow up!”

Parisian model and actor Audrey Marnay got her technicolor tetraptych Kaws print as a birthday present, and was given a Coco Chanel Kubrick from the German juggernaut himself… for Christmas!

Our latest Kaws run-in was with Lauren Rubinski of Pristine Jewelry, who let us plaster her Kaws in YOU’VE BEEN COVETEUR’D stickers; art on art on art – that’s some meta sh*t right there. Totally Kawsome!  

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