Just In Case

Cause replacing the shattered screen on your iPad just isn't worth it.

Is it bad that there's still an eensy-weensy, teeny-tiny part of us that rolls our eyes a little at the idea of buying protective phone and tablet cases that costs an excess of like $50? Okay, whatever, mom. And then, of course, once you inevitably drop your device and shatter your screen, you begrudgingly buy some boring plastic cover. Take it from us—after shelling out what was probably quite a few pretty pennies on our iPad/tablet/what-have-you, why not do the same to protect it? And with options available by everyone from Kenzo to Marc Jacobs to Marni, do we really need to remind you that they're probably several digits less than an actual bag? So go on, be that girl, who clearly has her sh*t together, pulling her holographic Proenza'd iPad out of her bag. You know… just in case.

Natalie Joos

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Stephanie Lacava

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Tabitha Simmons

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Louise Roe

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Natalie Joos

You may also like Natalie Joos


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