Karyn Lovegrove

Art Advisor. Los Angeles

It's clear that L.A.-based art advisor, Karyn Lovegrove, takes her job home with her. She spends her days working with incredible contemporary artists, which is something that shows in her wardrobe ("I think I buy things because they look like art more than they serve as functioning clothes," she admits). A look through her West Coast wardrobe confirmed this: we spotted everything from cherry blossom Balenciaga, structured Stella McCartney and frothy Lanvin frocks. And here was no shortage of amazing art in her abode; alongside her sick wardrobe, we spotted artworks by Elizabeth Peyton and Karen Kilimnik. She dished on her penchant for "nosebleed wedges" and Lanvin flats in every color and texture. Did we mention she has a piece from every Marc Jacobs collection, like, ever?


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