Kiss And Tell

Our Coveteurs spill their shades.

Seriously, we get it. Lipstick can be super intimidating when you find yourself wanting to join what feels like an exclusive club of perfectly polished red lips (with lipstick-free teeth, of course). But fear not—baby steps is the key here, and who better to recommend a good red than the Cov-alums that we couldn't picture without it? 

Joanna Hillman, Style Director at Harper's Bazaar:

Hillman copped to always carrying Lady Danger by M.A.C (you've probably seen her wearing it in a street style shot, or five hundred). It's the perfect, super-saturated shade of orange-red that keeps the red lip just modern enough without veering into total pin-up territory (unless you're into that thing, which by all means!)

The Beckerman sisters, Designers/Bloggers:

The Beckermans are rarely seen without rouge lips and an expertly-applied cat eye recommend Dragon Girl by NARS. The chubby pencil looks like a lip liner, but actually leaves your lips a super rich, classic matte red. And unlike other pencil formulas, the velvety texture won't dry out you out, which is probably a good goal to have in mind when your lips are always being put on display. 

Jen Brill, Creative Consultant; Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Actor/Designer:

Brill and Dexter-Jones have both perfected the whole cool-girl-with-red-lips-and-artfully-tousled-hair thing. They also professed their love of M.A.C's Ruby Woo. Generally known as the perfect fire-truck, "true" red, the hue in this tube has inspired a cult-like following

See? Our Covs wear their reds fearlessly, and you cannot be afraid of a tube of lipstick for your entire life. Trust us—a little lip liner to set the color, and you won't have crimson all over your chin by lunchtime. Swearsies.

Illustrations by Chloe Wise.

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