A Hint of Tint

Because no one needs a face full of foundation when it's over 80° outside.

While we're all about a good base, and throughly resent any notion equating foundation with a mask, there are times when we just feel like shelving our spackle (kidding!) temporarily in favor of something a little lighter. And in these times, never mind our personal preferences when it comes to coverage; there's one product that's consistent throughout the make-up bags of everyone at Coveteur HQ and Karlie Kloss — none other than Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer. 

With the exception of our photog Jake (at least, we think?), it's seemingly the only thing that can be unanimously deemed and declared an essential—with the exception of a good brow, that is. Available in a range of skin tones that actually deviate from beige (imagine that!), Mercier manages to do absolutely everything you would want a tinted moisturizer to do. What does that entail? Evening out redness and blotchiness while still letting your actual skin peek through, giving good glow and never drying out your skin, all served with a side of SPF. And while we're still currently test-driving the creme compact (stay tuned!), we can pretty much guarantee that this will be your skin's saviour all summer. So... you're welcome!

 Laurel Pantin

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