Life Lessons From Tyra Banks

Life lessons from the woman who taught us the art of the smize.

Admit it, as much as you'd like to say you're above the girl fighting, cat walking, and the they-just-cut-off-all-my-hair-and-bleached-it-blonde hysteria that make up America's Next Top Model's finest moments, we've all watched a "rainy day" marathon or two (read: 50), and ended up in the bathroom flipping our hair back and forth, shooting sultry glances in the mirror perfecting our "smize." Not to mention that time you tried to beat the no smile rule on your driver's license by channeling your inner Tyra Banks, and ended up looking little less sex appeal and little more deranged deer caught in the headlights. No? Just us? Nevermind.

We digress. Tyra Banks is the original queen of fierce (sorry, Bey), and she's not afraid to remind us. We mean, not only is she a world renowned super model, but also a producer, actress, bestselling author, host, and Harvard alumni. It goes without saying that throughout her 20+ year career, we've taken a few of her exceedingly passionate pep talks to heart. So in honour of the model matriarch's 40th birthday (pause to fathom that statement and break out the anti-age cream), we've compiled a list of the top life lessons we've learned from Ms. Banks.

1. Channel your inner passion and fire.

2. The art of smizing. Spoiler: there's an app for that.

3. Tyra mail is the very best kind of mail.

4. There's a fine line between sexy and skanky.

5. Embrace your large forehead.

6. Tooching.

7. It's all about chemistry. Just ask Jimmy Fallon.

8. Make love to the camera, and often.

9. Just be you.

10. And most importantly, always, always, always be fierce.

Happy birthday, Ty-Ty. May the next 25 years bring you another 25 cycles (F.Y.I. that would make it total of 45—you would think they would stop after, like, three, right?) of A.N.T.M, eternal fierceness and Tumblr-worthy GIFS.


— Naomi Nachmani

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