Inside Lily Kwong's Beauty Cabinet

Get thee a green juice, a dreamy down-filled pillow and a gym membership stat.

We all know those girls—or have at least one in our life, even if it's only via Instagram. You know the ones who are so impossibly refined, yet quintessentially Manhattan in the sense that they can wear an Altuzarra gown to have dinner at the Whitney with Anna Wintour; but later go on to hit up a charmingly dingey dance spot and (tastefully) get down, all in the same night? We mean, come on—we all know at least one, right? If not, allow us to introduce you, though, chances are if you've ever so much as pawed through an issue of Harper's Bazaar at the airport, then you're likely more than familiar with the likes of Lily Kwong.

We caught up with the multi-talented, multi-hyphenated and multi-lovely Kwong at her N.Y.C. home-away-from-home, The Chatwal. And for a girl who’s constantly on the road, she certainly knows how to pack (read: not light). After chatting about training for a marathon and guilty pleasures (90’s R&B, duh), we moved things into a more, uh, intimate place: the bathroom. We just wanted to peep inside her make-up bag, okay?  Her secrets? “I start by washing my skin with Dr. Macrene’s 37Extreme Actives Cleansing Treatment—it’s completely plant-based and free of harsh ingredients. I love Clarins’ Double Serum, it’s super hydrating and given how often I’m on airplanes I can’t live without it. I’ve been using CHANEL’s UV Essentiel SPF 50 Sunscreen and it definitely makes you feel protected.  I like to keep it simple—the best beauty products in my opinion are clean food, lots of sleep and regular exercise.” Oh, and we couldn't leave without asking her for those few products she just can't live without: "CHANEL lip balm, Clarins Sunscreen and Double Serum!" Note to self: Get thee a green juice, a dreamy down-filled pillow and a gym membership stat.


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