Loan Chabanol

A day in the life of CHANEL's favorite up-and-comer. New York

We confess: tag along with during a day-in-the-life with us going from home and at the office and it would be pretty, well, um, bland. It would likely go something along the lines of waking up after a third round of hitting snooze, a quick shower and effort at beautifying, rushed dressing, hurried coffee and dry toast, race to work, sit in front of computer for 8-plus hours, dawdle home, eat uninspired takeout, binge watch a) ‘90s sitcom and/or drama or b) HBO. There are those, however, for whom a day in the life is kind of like living inside a Vogue shoot. You know, the types who regularly call hotel suites their second homes (and okay, so maybe we’re lucky enough to count ourselves within that group every once in a while) and who dress in impossible-to-find-without-a-personal-shopper straight-off-the-runway pieces à la Carine Roitfeld. And while we tend to keep company with these people occasionally, it’s only for an hour or two. Hanging out for a whole day? Now that’s The Fabulous Life Of… level luxury. (A tip from us to you: that entire VH1 series is now on Youtube for your procrastination pleasure. You’re welcome.)

Take Loan Chabanol, for example, and the day we recently spent with her in and around the Bowery Hotel in Lower Manhattan. The elfin French beauty (we couldn’t help but think she looked like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman, so, uh, pretty much perfect in every way) has the whole triple threat thing going for her as a model, actress and artist. And, after moving to New York to study acting, she's on a pretty serious roll, with star turns alongside Woody Allen in Fading Gigolo and James Franco in Third Person. Talk about making it in America. Oh, and did we mention that Chabanol also maintains a close friendship with the house of CHANEL? So yeah, we were preparing ourselves for a pretty surreal day-in-the-life.

And wouldn’t you know it that when we arrived at the actress’s penthouse suite (and yeah, she pretty much did just wake up like that), she had a full wardrobe of CHANEL’s Dallas Métiers d’Art collection ready for us to play with along with a few of the house’s brand new J12 watches, called the 365 (‘cause you can literally wear it all day, er’reyday—get it, guys?!). What can we say? We were like kids in a proverbial candy store (if sour keys were snow white ceramic watches and fuzzy peaches were double C-inscribed cowboy boots, that is).

And Chabanol made our whole documenting-her-day thing pretty easy. We mean, from waking up (this girl has a one-up on Marilyn Monroe by sleeping in CHANEL No. 5 and pearls and a J12-365), to a morning espresso, some balcony introspection (we’d hang out their too with a view like that), to running around town, yellow cab and all and making a stop at her (and our!) favorite neighborhood bookstore, Dashwood Books (discovering a vintage CHANEL hardcover there was kind of like the coincidental icing on the cake), all before heading back to the Bowery to prep for a gala night out, it was pretty much the perfect day in the city. Chabanol drew the line at having us follow her on her out, however, as much as we begged, and we had to content ourselves in admiring her completely amazing, décolletage-bearing gown. Dream day-in-the-life: complete.



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