Louis Vuitton Cruise 2015

The Bob & Dolores Hope Estate, Palm Springs.

We love a good vacation destination. Bahamas last week; Sydney the week before—our schedules have been pretty good as of late. But the icing on the palm-tree-tour cake? A desert town we used to assemble with our grandparents pretty regularly as kids—and now, admittedly, is the locus of our annual pilgrimage for a massive, two-weekend-long music festival-cum-street style extravaganza you might of heard of.

Granted, this time, as we made the two-hour drive from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, we knew the scene would be, well, kind of different than the overdone fringe and headband crowd that Coachella fosters (you can read our thoughts on that particular phenomenon here). Namely, because Louis Vuitton was hosting, booking out a reported 800 hotel rooms for all of us attendees. And were we ever proved right.

In case you couldn’t tell already, what with his partiality towards hyper-structured clothing, Nicolas Ghesquière obviously has a thing for striking architecture—fall’s show (our LV cherry popping moment) was at the Frank Gehry-designed Fondation Louis Vuitton. This time, it was the Bob and Delores Hope Estate—the massive brutalist home by John Lautner that comes complete with Instagram-perfect lines and views (it’s currently for sale for $25 million in case any of you happen to be on the market).

But as distractingly stunning as the show set was, Ghesquière’s presentation could have been held in our mom’s basement, for how straight-up good it was. Before we even sat down, David Bowie-esque models who looked to be lost on their way to Burning Man milled among showgoers (hey Marisa Tomei, Michelle Williams, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Grimes and Kanye). But once we were seated along a runway that wound around the pool, the real show began, made up of a collection that was somewhere between desert storm trooper, punk and 1930s prim—a mix we’re betting only Ghesquière could make work. And those lug-sole boots? They might just eclipse those Balenciaga Cienture boots he designed years ago that we’re guessing pretty much every single show attendee has somewhere in their closet. If you notice them on all of these women come the next fashion month runaround (those and the monogrammed backpacks), you heard it hear first.



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