Lucky in Lust

Faking that whole lit-from-within glow thing without so much as hitting a yoga mat.

Aside from our newly crowned cravings for sangria and flespadrilles, the warmer weather has also renewed our desire for that same pretty, lit-from-within glow that we chase after year-round. Even the more bronzer-phobic among us are suddenly in search of something a little more, dare we say, sunny?

Allow us to introduce M.A.C.'s Lustre Drops, a tiny bottle of shimmery liquid that's half bronzer, half highlighter; cause we all know the best things come in twos, right? Available in two shades, Pink Rebel and Sun Rush, we've been reaching for the latter, which is the warmer, more sun-kissed of the two. The other shade, Pink Rebel, is a pinky-blue hue that errs more on the side of blush. Unlike more traditional, labor-intensive highlighters, this one doesn't have visions of paint-by-numbers contouring guides dancing in our heads. Instead, this allows you to get a subtle, seasonal glow on without going buck with the bronzer. You can apply just a few drops along your cheekbones, blending with your fingers (it takes all of two seconds!) or a stippling brush. Or, mix it in with your usual foundation/BB cream/tinted moisturizer for a little all-over, light-diffusing luminosity. For those who are typically a little more cautious and gun-shy on the whole shimmer front, we pinky-swear that this couldn't be further from the chunky-glitter gels of your preteen past. Instead, Lustre Drops are made up with a finely-milled, almost imperceptible glimmer that you can apply haphazardly without getting that dreaded disco-ball effect; subtlety is really the keyword here.

On paler skintones, Sun Rush works as more of a bronzer; it also gives off a super pretty sheen on darker skintones, making this a product that genuinely suits an entire range of skin tonesno hyperbole, son. The liquid consistency also allows for buildable coverage and allows you work up to the exact effect that you desire...  without caking up whatever make-up you have on underneath.

Get your J. Lo glow on, kids! But baby steps first. There's only room for one Snooki in this lifetime. Cool?

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Natalie Joos

You may also like Natalie Joos


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