Brush It Out

The splurge-y brush that will change your relationship with your hair.

Giving us major (virtual) side-eye right now? Yeah, we can't exactly blame you. Because to address the elephant in the (again, virtual) room... how do you really justify dropping upwards of 200 bones on a brush? Well, we're glad you asked. Truthfully, prior to converting over to the MP (that's Mason Pearson) side, we had never really considered the hairbrush. You know, while we had a handful of varying sizes and shapes that we would drag through our hair, we never really felt particularly attached to just one. When it came to detangling and de-knotting, we relied more on serums, creams, sprays, lotions, potions... well, just about anything, but our actual hairbrush to address the mess attached to our heads.

While we hate to get all informercial-y on you, it's virtually impossible for us to not get at least a little gushy with our newfound love of Mason Pearson. After all, they've practically changed our relationship with our hair - as in, we no longer grimace when we pick up a hair brush, bracing ourselves for the inevitable pulling and snarls. And anyone who has so much as touched peroxide will appreciate the detangling prowess of the Mason Pearson—you know how color-treated hair kind of has this tendency to just... dreadlock itself? Made with boar bristles for thinner hair, boar and nylon tufts for medium hair, and nylon tufts for thicker hair, rather than hacking away at tangles, the MP actually allows you to just kind of gently brush away until knots just disappear. Seriously—for the price of an ill-advised Friday night, you could buy into the breed of brush that will actually change how you get ready every morning. And can you really argue with that?

Mason Pearson brushes courtesy of Delineation.

Natalie Joos

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