The Dream (BB) Cream

Okay, so

"Do you use BB?" an intern asked us. Feeling a bit of FOMO, we faked a head nod (we thought she was talking about the ye' old BlackBerry!) and then confessed the truth: we hadn't drank the Kool-Aid yet.

Cut to a few days later when we were doing the whole backstage beauty thing with Maybelline at Toronto Fashion Week, it seemed BB (oh, it's a cream?) was everywhere. It may have something to do about how we kicked off Fashion Week with a wild night, but we found ourselves particularly disheveled with designer bags under our eyes and damaged skin (thanks, A$AP Rocky!). We were rummaging through our bags for this miracle called BB Cream we'd been hearing about and manically dabbed some on after arriving at the office. As BB Cream virgins, we immediately got the feeling that we were in store for a little more coverage than usual, as the formula worked to immediately even out our slightly blotchy morning-after skin tone. After recruiting a few test subjects from around the office, we can confirm that it gives every skin type, from peel-prone dry skin to slightly oilier complexions, a dewy, alive-looking glow. Plus, we can quiet our inner mom-voice—rather than the usual 10-15, Maybelline's BB Cream has a healthy 30 SPF, without the added weight that products with built-in SPF sometimes have. Better yet, the Dream Fresh actually comes in a range of shades; how many BB creams are only available in that gross one-shade-fits-all mannequin-y beige? We're officially BB believers.

Needless to say we've been eschewing our usual tinted moisturizer ever since; it's one of those pricey, buy-only-at-the-beauty-counter-of-a-fancy-department-store kind, but we don't play favorites.  

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