Michelle Ochs

Cofounder; Designer, Cushnie et Ochs. New York

To compliment yesterday’s badass, we bring you Carly Cushnie’s business partner and stellar all-around chick Michelle Ochs, co-founder of NYC-based cult-loved label CUSHNIE ET OCHS. Since graduating in 2007 from Parsons and winning the Designer of the Year award from their final class, they launched their company in 2008 and put on their first runway show for Spring 2009, where they gave Bergdorf Goodman the exclusive to their debut collection. With experience behind her at fashion houses like Chado Ralph Rucci, Isaac Mizrahi Couture, and Marc Jacobs, Ochs, who loves a good fur and hairbands with spikes (that she made herself FYI), Michelle infuses her precise discipline and order that she learned from and education in military school into the line. Hmmm. We’re starting to think we may have a badass duo on our hands. When they aren’t finishing each others sentences (we’ve always wanted a twin for exactly this reason), they draw upon their mutual love of art, architecture, and the female form to help the evolution of their label. A lover of Jil Sander kicks (she has multiple pairs of the same styles), and little figurines (especially Lenny and Carl from The Simpsons), her style can only be summed up by two words. “My style can be described as Minimal Gangster,” she states. “It’s clean, sharp, edgy and architectural”. But, while she may have suffered some fashion emergencies (we’re talking about the ER here…not perms gone wrong), she’s never one to hold a grudge – especially to the one and only Jil Sander. Case in point: photo #15. “The first time I wore these shoes I fell and split my head open, I had to get two staples in my head just days before fashion week.” Talk about dedication to one’s craft!


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