Getting Ready for the 2013 MTV VMAs with Miley Cyrus

An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the 2013 MTV VMA's with Miley Cyrus and stylist Simone Harouche. New York

It’s our party we can do what we want... Come on, admit it—you've serial YouTube'd it at least once, right? And while We Can't Stop has pretty much been permanently on repeat at TC HQ all summer, and we have been following Miley Cyrus' recent evolution with fervor; when it comes to Cyrus' new look and the video's surreal visuals, we've got to give it up to her super-talented stylist (and Cov-alum!), Simone Harouche.

The duo have been working together over the past five years, ever since the whole bleach-blonde-pixie-cut-heard-'round-the-world thing and Harouche has kind of been going into overtime elevating Cyrus' look. Bejewelled Céline Furkenstocks? Check. Vintage Versace? Check. Posing for Harper's Bazaar in this season's couture? Check. And seeing as we're all about the magicians behind-the-scenes (and seams), who better than Harouche to hit up to document the whole getting-ready process on the night of the 2013 MTV VMA's?

After departing for Barclay's Stadium in Brooklyn and spending much of the day in dress rehearsal mode, Cyrus, Harouche and Co. started getting red carpet-ready. With Denika Bedrossian on make-up and Brant Mayfield behind those Gwen Stefani-esque mini buns, Cyrus headed for the carpet decked out head-to-toe in vintage Dolce & Gabbana. Of the look, which Cyrus scouted herself while working on her new album, BANGERZ, with Pharrell Williams, Harouche told us, "We had racks and racks of clothes, but Miley was adamant about this look. She'd been saving it for the right moment, and we decided there was no better place than the VMA's."

And what about that incredibly GIF-able We Can't Stop/Blurred Lines performance? Of the head-to-toe collaborative look that she and Cyrus created, Harouche told us, "Everything she wore, I had custom made - from her bear leotard to her light-up creepers and latex costume. Miley had this vision and it was amazing to be able to create it all and help bring it to life."

Twerk, Miley, twerk!



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