Mini Muses

Totally adorable or slightly creepy? You be the judge.

Trust us: when it comes to the new crop of designer childrenswear, we're doing our very best to avoid screeching the usual exclamatory, "does that come in my size?" cry. But chances are if you've been keeping up with The Coveteur in any capacity, you already know we have a serious thing for mini-mes. From Hudson Kroenig'Alaia Rose's burgeoning collection of CHANEL, there's really nothing better than seeing a toddler in pint-sized Prada, right?

And so you can likely imagine our excitement when we learned that both Preen and Sophia Webster were coming out with toddler and tyke-sized versions of the brand's signature patterns and prints. Naturally, we felt compelled to conjure up a little 'Honey We Shrunk the Kids'-style fun vis–à–vis a little Photoshop and a motley mini-crew of Coveteurs and street style obsessions. From Anna Dello Russo, Miroslava Duma, Julia Sarr-Jamois,  Anya Ziourova, Yasmin Sewell and Nasiba Adilova; yeah, lets just say virtually no one is safe from our Photoshop prowess. Slightly creepy or totally adorable? You be the judge.

All together now... "Awwwww!"

Miroslava Duma

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Anna Dello Russo

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Joanna Hillman

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Hudson Kroenig

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