Monique Lhuillier

Designer. Los Angeles

If you've watched an award show pre-game, like, ever, you're probably already acquainted with Monique Lhuillier. In fact, that name has become an almost automatic response to that ubiquitous, “what are you wearing tonight?” question. Having dressed everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Nicki Minaj, Lhuillier is best known as a red carpet regular for her signature sweeping gowns. So it was no surprise to us that when we walked into Lhuillier's spectacularly decorated L.A. home we found the most warm, sophisticated and feminine aesthetic that’s completely in tune with Lhuillier's design philosophy.

From the moment we arrived we were overcome with the most amazing scents emanating throughout Lhuillier's home—seriously, every room smelled like heaven—which she chalks up to a serious luxury candle habit, revealing her namesake brand, Le Labo and Diptyque among her favorites. Lhuillier also went ahead and styled a few TC-approved vignettes (see: yellow dress) around her home, too.

Mouths agape, we got the tour of Lhuillier's insane master bedroom, bathroom and of course, her even more unbelievable walk-in closet, where we found two rolling racks filled with some of the designer's favorite pieces. Among the treasures was a dressing table with stacks upon stacks of boxes in our favorite color (Hermès orange, of course). Showing us some of the gowns most recently worn by her celebrity clients, it became clear that each of Lhuillier's designs are crafted with couture-like detail that makes each piece entirely unique. And although, to some extent, the designer has become the poster girl for her own label, that doesn't mean it keeps her from appreciating other designers; case in point, she's a major Phoebe Philo and Céline fan (but who isn't?). She's also amassed a seriously enviable Birkin collection, telling us that she got a bit of an early start, "I bought myself my first Birkin when I was eighteen, during a trip to Paris."

Though she’s quickly expanding the M.L. empire (we got a sneak peek at her newly launched shoe collection), Lhuillier revealed that she's not entirely satisfied yet. She’s keeping her fingers (and toes) crossed for the day Michelle Obama wears a Lhuillier original –we’re keeping our fingers crossed for that day, too.


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