Nautical by Nature

Playing Zooey Deschanel-approved dress-up with Byrdie Bell, Chriselle Lim & Ilaria Urbinati. Los Angeles

Despite swearing up and down differently, we’ve come to accept that some things never really change. And yes, while we like to think we’ve matured considerably since our braces-laden, Noxzema-scented sleepover days, the truth is that we ultimately never grew out of the whole playing dress-up thing. We mean, while we’ve traded in pizza for kale (okay, more like traded in Pizza Hut for Rubirosa), unironic New Balances for #normcore ones, and have begun to get a handle on the incredibly important, very grown-up skills that define adulthood (you know, like how to iron our clothing with hair straighteners in a pinch), playing dress-up is the one thing we simply haven’t been able to kick.

While our day job only further enables the sartorial side of our delayed adolescence, there’s nothing quite like doing dress-up with a trio of women with distinctly different definitions of personal style. Enter Byrdie Bell, Chriselle Lim, and Ilaria Urbinati, the three of whom we (with a little inspiration, from, ahem, Zooey Deschanel) tasked with giving us their spin on Deschanel’s dreamy new collection with Tommy Hilfiger, To Tommy from Zooey. Yeah it’s sort of like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Tommy, if you will. And so how, exactly, did it all go down?

For starters, with the hints of nautical prints that make up the collection- we all know one loves a little red, white, and navy quite like the combined forces of Tommy and Zooey. After all – the whole collection couldn’t have been more in line with Bell’s all-Americana- everything aesthetic. With her berry-stained lip, immaculately - highlighted hair, and with pieces effortlessly mixed in with her collection of sky-high pumps and glossy quilted handbags, Bell was all but ready for a day in the Hamptons.

Chriselle, on the other hand, has a personal style that can only really be described as directional. You know, she’s kind of the girl who can go from sparsely-styled minimalism to mixing- and clashing prints without batting an eye. Sound familiar? And with the abstract art littering her space and the hot pink fixie leaning against her entryway, it was sort of fascinating to see how the collection lent itself to the pieces already hanging in her closet.

As for Ilaria? The woman who made Bradley Cooper standout in a celeb-packed selfie was nothing short of perfectly picturesque in a polka- dot- splattered-shirtdress, knee socks and penny loafers as she frolicked in her backyard. We’re thinking it kind of goes without saying that we think Zooey would approve.


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