Nedenia Hutton Craig

President & Chief Creative Officer, Dee Hutton. New York

"My great grandmother's... entire bedroom set (all of the furniture) was Marie Antoinette’s. Somehow it ended up in my hands. [She] was queen of the costume party. She had the most elaborate costumes made for them. Legend has it that she used to throw a ball just as an excuse to wear her tiaras. Her costumes were full on couture creations—elaborate headpieces, corsets, fur trim. My sister and I used to argue over the random pieces that made it to our dress up trunks. I guess it’s no wonder that I want to make a living playing dress up with everyone.

My grandmother. Was she a knock out! Still is. She always wanted to act and her parents did not approve. I love to hear her tell Hollywood stories. One of my favorites involves fending off the constant advances of the gorgeous Errol Flynn—the hottest actor of his era, the Brad Pitt of his time. She was 17, I believe. Or having a kissing scene with Tony Curtis after eating big garlicky Italian meal. My grandmother's first paying job was modeling for Vogue. It used to be less glamorous —you did your own make up and hair—but she loved it, at least in the beginning. She got a paycheck and independence, which probably drove her mother crazy. Walt Disney sent this to her. I have no idea why, but I love to guess. There’s another picture autographed ‘To Nedenia Hutton from Spanky" of 'Little Rascals' fame! This was normal for her. She had no idea how singular her experiences were.

Coco Chanel had Verdura cuffs like [mine] in enamel and wore them like a uniform. I admit I like the gold ones more because they are flashier, and I am a sucker for flash. This multi-stone cross was originally designed for Coco. Diana Vreeland had this one as well and wore it constantly. I figured if it worked for them... Sometimes I wear one on each wrist and feel like Wonder Woman."

As told to The Coveteur by Nedenia Hutton Craig



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