NYC According to Jamie Chung

We go downtown with Jamie Chung.

While we like to think after countless trips to the Big Apple we're New Yorkers by association, we're still suckers for playing the tourist card. You know: Times Square, the Empire State Building, romantic walks through Central Park in the snow... okay, so maybe romantic comedies occasionally get the best of us. So when Jamie Chung offered to play tour guide during our last NYC trip, we were more than happy to accept.

Our first stop? The Brooklyn Bridge. After an impromptu in-cab history lesson from Chung, we walked the entire length of the bridge, stopping along the way to pick up souvenirs here and there—and yes, as a matter of fact, we do like ourselves a good NYC snow globe as much as the next person.

Next up? Chinatown, with Chung showing off her downtown wardrobe in a red printed dress and killer thigh-high Coach boots and bag to match. "I feel like I’m a downtown girl at heart. It’s a little bit edgier and grungier," Chung explained, "Usually when I’m downtown going out, or hanging out with friends my style will be a bit funkier versus taking meetings uptown." Let's just forget the part where she almost got run over while posing in the street... we're suckers for the "perfect shot" okay?

Chung's teal Coach Borough bag in hand, we then hightailed it to her favorite spot for grabbing grub, The Odeon. Not to be biased or anything, but this was far and away the best part of our day, but then again, our feelings for food are no secret. Chung agreed, proclaiming her guilty pleasures: "Pizza or pasta or bagels. Anything with carbs." Let's just say there's a reason we're kind of besties.


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