An Ode to Ezra Petronio

​Every eminent character in fashion has posed for his original ‘70s Polaroid camera. If that were where this story ended his legacy would still be pretty badass. But it’s not; his photographs downright capture the creative cultural zeitgeist of the past two decades. Not to mention, it’s all been done in true Warholian style. If you happen to reside under some sort of rock abode and still haven’t caught on, we’re flagrantly gushing over Mr. Ezra Petronio. 

Even if you’re not blatantly familiar with his work (in other words, don’t frantically scan to see who all those swank portraits are taken by, like ahem, some of us) we’re sure you’ve glimpsed his images more times than you know. Think Polaroids, negative white space and tinges of yellowy hues. Still not sure? Let us break it down for you; Petronio’s signature snaps fully embrace ‘70s minimalism and in order to recite a complete rolodex of everyone he’s ever shot from memory, just start spewing out the names of any fashionable vanguards that comes to mind (you’ll be right on track). We mean, a steady flow of designers, artists, writers, muses and all around troublemakers (we’re looking at you Terry) have stumbled into his Paris-based design firm over the years.

Take one look at the latest issue of his cult independent fashion reference Self Service Magazine and you'll understand the root of our obsession. 

We'd go on about the countless people he's photographed over the years, but we'll let the photos do the talking. So raise your camera (and champagne!) to him today!

— Sasha Johnson

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