Watch Now: Olivier Rousteing

Behind-the-scenes with Balmain's Creative Director (and Rihanna's bestie). Paris

Rewind to our last CoveTourDeFrance and you may recall more than a few #comingsoontoaCoveteurnearyou-centric Instagrams starring Olivier Rousteing—you know, none other than Creative Director over at Balmain and recent BFF of @badgalriri? The one with the selfie-worthy cheekbones and the slightly entrancing French accent (trust us, just hit play)? Yup, that one.

And so? Here's a televisual sneak peek of that time we cozied up to his office over at Balmain's Parisian HQ, where he filled us in on just a few of his favorite things—namely, Miami Vice, his oversized speakers, and uh, gold. His office totally does have a few things in common with the headquarters of us mere mortals. Namely? Four little words: Special K cereal bars. 

Olivier's Cheekbones

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