Pajama Dressing


Pajama-dressing is the perfect antidote to years of beauty-is-pain trends (gravity-defying heels, stomach-cinching bustiers, and pretty much all of these, for instance). We all breathed a collective sigh of relief when the likes of Sofia Coppola, the Olsen twins and Rumi Neely put their stamps of approval on parading around in nightgowns, pajama tops and silky sleep shorts in public. Best part is it gives new meaning to transitioning from day to night (read: literally falling into bed after wearing them). Here are our guide to five ways to ensure your PJs look more dinner party and less slumber party (at least have dinner first!)

1. The Structured Jacket: If there’s one thing that can make sleepwear office-appropriate, it’s a tailored topper. Pair silk shorts with a fitted blazer, or an almost-but-not-quite-lingerie slip with a cropped jacket. All-business on top, but it’s like you never left the bedroom—sans the whole not being able to hit snooze part. Sigh.

2. The Single-Sole Pump: Don’t get us wrong, we love the Hef—we’d just rather not be mistaken for him. When opting for anything resembling a silk robe, step away from the smoking loafers and go for a single-sole pump with a thin heel instead. They can also elevate a pajama-on-pajama playsuit to night-out status (swearsies).

3. The Sleek Tote: A structured bag on your arm can tone down the frump factor of laundry-day of looks. Keep it classic with medium-sized bags in neutral tones—unless you’ve opted for a monochrome pajama set, in which case grab one with a little punch.

4. The Moto Jacket: Take a cue from the Book of Neely and pair a patterned pajama top with a butter-soft leather moto jacket in a milk chocolate or jet black. An accent will offset the whole pesky just-rolled-out-of-bed thing.

5. Statement Jewelry: Pile on the Tom Binns and statement earrings, especially if you need to divert the eye from certain, er, problem areas (i.e. telltale I-actually-slept-in-this wrinkles).

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