Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer 2015

We get an exclusive up-close look at Proenza’s latest and greatest (a.k.a. everything we need for spring).

So if the Rodarte show was our chance to check out clothes that we would collect and care for no unlike how one (another, different person) would contemporary art (in our dream world), then Proenza Schouler—the other major highlight of New York Fashion Week—is when we can take stock of what we’d like our daily look to be six months down the road (again, in our dream world). We mean, we’ve been closely (and when we say closely, we mean re-viewing slideshows over and over again, followed by careful IRL inspection when the collection finally hits a store near us, and then maybe—maybe—actually making a purchase when sale season hits) the collections of Jack and Lazaro since the very beginning. And every season, without fail (as if they would ever fail?!), they show us exactly what we want when we didn’t even know we wanted it.

But let’s back up for a second, because as you might have guessed by now, when the Proenza team invited us to document the goings on backstage before the show, telling you that we were excited would be a grand understatement. Think sitting in for a first script reading of Girls or getting dressed for the Oscars with Cate Blanchett (true story) excited. Okay, so maybe we’re getting a little hyperbolic here, but to make a long rant short: it was a big effing deal.

So let’s get to it. The makeup and hair: no fuss. TBH, that’s just how we like it. We mean, when we think of ourselves come next spring, we’re totally pared down with dewy skin, a minimal glossy lip and slicked back hair. Don’t you? Besides, the streamlined beauty look will go all the better with our new urban warrior meets power gallerina all-Proenza-everything wardrobe. That, and we'll probably have no money left to buy make-up. Because while a coppery python overcoat might not be, uh, totally realistic (credit card limit-wise) as our go-to spring outerwear, we can totally see ourselves striding through Soho in the matching peep-toe sandals. And those to-die-for final fringe-y looks? Totally what we’ll wear to shake it at the Boom Boom Room. If anything, the Proenza Schouler show also doubles as very efficient wardrobe and strategic investment planning. See what we did there?


Photographer Lewis Mirrett


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