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Fashion Girl and Style Icon, The Platform. Los Angeles

We mean it when we say that this one is seriously #chictothenextlev. We caught up with the ultimate fashion girl herself, P’Trique, at her West Coast pad where she crashes when she’s in town. (She's a woman of the world, with home bases spread across all of the fashion capitals. Ch-i-c!) We have been OB-SESS-ED (you know how she says it, right?) with P’Trique and her fearless style since she made her video debut in “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say,” which basically became the national anthem of our lives. Aside from spilling the beans on her bestie, Charlotte Free, being the new face of Maybelline and hanging out regularly with the likes of Nicola Formichetti, Leandra Medine and Derek Blasberg, P’Trique has become an integral part of fashion pop culture. Pretty sure we’re all guilty of quoting her on a daily basis: “Totes Wang,” “She kept calling it Net-a-port-er!” “What are you doing between Wang and Altuzarra?” “Do you think Tommy Ton will want to shoot these shoes?” “My sched is cray-cray!” and our personal fave, “Fashion Week is the only time I go above 14th street.” We chatted with P’Trique about her style inspirations (Gwyneth Paltrow is one, “when we’re on speaking terms,” she confessed), her Anthropologie drapes from Courtney Love’s ex-apartment (“She’s been trying to get them back ever since, but I’ve been screening my calls. Finders keepers, Courtney!”) her love for Rod Rod (a.k.a. Rod Stewart) and her Carmen Sandiego-inspired Halloween costume. (“Everyone there was like “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? She's right here and she's so CHIC!”) When the topic turned to her season’s must-haves, P’Trique sent out a true “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say”-style amber alert. “If you don’t see me in one of those impossibly chic Céline Mondrian overcoats by October, send help.” In the words of P’Trique, “Totally Tweeting that!” #totesamaze


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