Rachel Strugatz

We spend the day with one of our favorite WWD editors.

Aspiring Anna Wintours of the world, you just may want to tune in for this one. If you have even the vaguest interest in fashion, chances are that you've heard of a little fashion trade journal by the name of Women's Wear Daily. Ring a bell? And so when we had the opportunity to follow WWD's Accessories & Digital News Editor, Rachel Strugatz, around town for a morning of back-to-back market appointments (kind of like take-The-Coveteur-to-work-day), we completely jumped at the chance. Cause, like, who wouldn’t want to walk a day in lacey Valentinos…

As we bounced around from showroom-to-showroom, dropping in on everyone from Jennifer Fisher to Nicholas Kirkwood and NET-A-PORTER, Strugatz (who just so happens to be BFF with Cov-alum Leandra Medine) filled us in on the fine details of her 9-to-5. After majoring in Journalism at Syracuse University, Strugatz did the whole intern thing for a few years before going freelance for WWD. Eventually they asked her to come on full-time as an editor a few years ago—there's nothing we love more than a good intern-to-editor success story! She copped that she wound up covering both digital and accessories, "kind of by accident," confessing, "it's like my job has a split personality." And by covering two areas that are hugely integral to the industry, there's kind of never a dull moment for her. "Some days I might have back-to-back appointments or meetings, an interview with a CEO or designer who is only in New York for short time. But for example, with the news that Instagram was releasing video, I was on deadline and at my desk all day working on a story for [that day's] paper." Oh, the joy of deadlines!

And while our time together truthfully felt more like play than work, it's obvious that Strugatz takes more than a few cues from our favorite Rick Ross anthem. "So I start my day off really early, I wake up at 5:30 or 6 A.M., and send my friends really early text messages. That’s my thing -- I send really early texts. I can’t sleep in, even if I go to bed at 1 A.M. I’ll still get up that early. I do work every morning before work, I need to get my head together." Strugatz's story, similar to the Cerulean speech given by a certain fictional Devil who Wears Prada, throughly disproves the notion that working in fashion is all just frivolous fun and games.


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