Year-End Round Up of Rare CHANEL

The crème de la crème. Worldwide

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the Rarest CHANEL of them all? It’s no secret, The Coveteur has an undying (and unapologetic) affinity for CHANEL… make that, “Rare” CHANEL – those one-of-a-kind, jaw-dropping, collectors items that are truly works of art. King Karl really knows the key to our hearts… now, if only those CHANEL sample sales still existed! After venturing inside hundreds of homes, it’s hard to believe the number of Rare CHANEL we’ve laid eyes on. We’ve truly seen it all! Today, we give you the “Rare CHANEL Hall of Fame,” the best of the best, starring: Cher Coulter’s two-toned metallic à la Carrie Bradshaw, as well as her infamous hairy handbag, Jodie Snyder’s quilted Persian palace, Nicole Chavez’s toaster strudel of a satchel, Filipa Fino and Celine Kaplan’s rainbow brights, Annabel Tollman’s metallics and, of course, (how could we forget?) Jen Brill’s ice boxes, which literally gave us chills they were so rare. From fabric to texture, it’s all in the details - Rastafarian fringe, fishnet lining, faux fur trims, quirky charms, tortoise chains and golden coins. The embellishments are endless and we won’t stop ‘til we’ve seen ‘em all! We pray to CHANEL gods each time we face a new one in the flesh, even if their function succeeds their purpose (those skinny rectangular ones are really only useful for math wizs who carry around rulers!). But, whoever said the purse actually needed to be used? (Besides, they look way better on bookshelves and in bathtubs, right?) Rare CHANELs hold a special place in our hearts and it’s only fair that we give them the proper respect they deserve. And with all respect to CHANEL, we’re pleased to provide you with dozens of new desktop photos—we know you all “right click, save as” our pics! All hail, the Rare CHANELs!


Jen Brill

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Natalie Joos

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Stephanie Lacava

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Tabitha Simmons

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Louise Roe

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Natalie Joos

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