Sara Riff

Director of Entertainment Relations, Jimmy Choo. Los Angeles

For the past five years as Director of Entertainment Relations at Jimmy Choo, Sara Riff has ensured that the red carpets around the globe are dominated by the London-born brand. Besides kicking ass at her job, she gives her husband (creator of one of our favorite shows, How To Make It In America) some advice in the aesthetic department. Her closet is absolutely banging. She’s the definition of a “high-low” dresser (nothing beats a Lanvin x H&M dress with a sexy JC stiletto) and she’s the first to admit that her favorite color is leopard print. Don’t believe us? Check out her obsessive Louis Vuitton scarf collection and her Choo sneakers. But, what’s her favorite part of the job? “I love working with so many of the talented stylists that you will soon be featuring (on your site) and during crazy award season playing a small role in creating gorgeous red carpet moments that inspire millions of people watching the awards from all over the world”. Her pup, Lola, also joined in on the action. Now, if only they made Choos in puppy sizes…


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