Sarah Jessica Parker

Shoe shopping with SJP, Gayle & Adam Glassman. New York

C'mon. You really thought we'd leave you hanging with just an itty-bitty video to tide you over on the amazingness that is Sarah Jessica Parker, Gayle King and Adam Glassman in one room? Get real, you guys.

After all, it kind of pays to have friends in high places (as in, like, Oprah high). Namely? When O Magazine (the issue just hit newstands—do you have your copy yet?) has the chance to preview Sarah Jessica Parker's first-ever shoe collection and Adam Glassman wants you to come along for the ride. Totally no big deal, right? Just kidding. We collectively screamed and freaked out before jumping on the next plane out to New York City.

Fast forward to the morning of our shoot over at the Crosby Street Hotel, where we were greeted by a display of not just cronuts and macarons, but also the biggest spread of shoes we've pretty much ever laid our eyes on. We're talking everything from strappy stilettos to suede single-sole pumps in a rainbow of hues. And with Parker having hit up Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus for her debut, does it go without saying that we pretty much want every single pair (each emblazoned with a minimalist SJP monogram)?

The rest of the day was slightly on the surreal side—and we can now assuredly say that you haven't really eaten a Cronut until you've eaten one offered to you by Gayle King. And while Parker got prepped down the hall with her glam team (that Serge Normant ombré doesn't just maintain itself, you know) we bonded with King and Glassman. Even our photog, Jake, took a hands-on approach, directing the production and instructing SJP on how and when to throw up armfuls of pointy pumps.

We'd be lying if we didn't admit to the struggle of leaving empty handed. In fact, we spent most of the time brainstorming outfit ideas and envisioning ourselves taking selfies for Instagram with a good ol' #ootd. Besides, who doesn't want to play dress-up in "The Carrie" with the Carrie Bradshaw, herself? Bucket list: Checked.



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