Selfie Beauty

Say cheese! Your filters won't know what hit them.

We’ve all been there. It’s a good face day, hair has yet to be sucked skyward by the humidity Hoover—all systems go to snap a quick selfie, right? Well, if you’re anything like us, one of the following will probably ensue: Just-ate-a-five-alarm-burrito shine, a case of the Caspers, or bronzer mysteriously showing up in a Lohan-mugshot hue.

We’ve found that the perfect selfie is all about the touch-ups beforehand; using products conducive to photo-taking (and ensuring you neither look sickly nor Snooki). And because you never know when the perfect photo op will arise—whilst outrunning security, for instance, or when babe catches you sleepin’—it’s always good to be prepared.

Step away from the airbrush tool. We’ve assembled some products that’ll help you get ahold of yourself[ie].

We hate to employ that old beauty adage of, "yourself, only better," but it kind of applies when it comes to mastering the selfie. After all, there are about to be a whole lot of thumbs double-tapping all over your face. Before you start getting crazy with the Valencia filter, we advise that you play up one of your usual favourites; only go hard(er). Whether you gravitate towards cat eyes or bold lips, we recommend you ditch the either/or dichotomy (a little dated, no?) and show both a little love. Doing a Jen Brill or Athena Calderone-esque red lip? Work in a neutral, matte brown shadow, like Laura Mercier's aptly-named Coffee Ground, just above your crease; as in, that little bone just below your eyebrow and above your eye lid. Then, take a thin-tipped liquid liner, and draw a thin line just along your upper lid's lash line for a little definition and to beef up your lashes. Alternately, if you've already gone ahead and smoked/winged out your eye, dab a little sheer colour on your lips; we like something buildable like Revlon's Just Bitten lip crayons.

If there are two pillars of the successful selfie, it's lighting and eyebrows. As we've emphasized before, there's something about a full, well-defined arch that, for lack of a better word, just makes you look prettier. Fill in any sparse spots with a similarly-hued shade, and then blend and brush any wayward hairs into place with a dual-headed wand like Anastasia's Brow Wiz, using a little brow gel to hold the shape. And while filters may have your back should you be in lieu of ideal lighting, we do recommend you take matters into your own hands and get to shading and highlighting prior to snapping. Look to none other than the Queen of Selfies herself, Kim Kardashian—after all, girl's contour-highlight game is kind of tight. After concealing anything that well, needs concealing, with a brightening, buildable product that offers plenty of coverage, like Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer or Benefit's Erase Paste; just suck in those cheeks, and fill in the hollows with a hue a few shades darker than your skin tone. Follow it up by applying lightly just along your hairline, and down the sides of your nose. Blend something with super subtle shimmer, or anything that will reflect light, just above your newly-minted cheekbones, down the centre of your nose and top it off with a dab in your cupid's bow, et voila—actual dimension! Look no further than the selfie-heard-'round-the-world, courtesy of our Queen B, for an example of expert execution—while everyone else was talking about her new crop, we found ourselves fixated on her perfectly highlighted cheekbones and eyes. Dreamy, right? Tom Ford's super-luxe (but super worth it) Shade and Illuminate palette is ideal for this. Prefer the whole freshly-flushed thing? We like stains for pretty, slightly dewy cheeks; smudge one like Tarte's, which comes up in a push-up tube, using your fingers, just along the apples.

So—what will it be? Sutro? Hudson? Valencia? Lo-Fi? X-Pro II? iPhones up in the air on a slight angle, find your light and all together now… "SELFIE!"

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