Sharon Ainsberg

Co-Founder, SHO + Company Inc. New York

Sharon Ainsberg is co-founder of SHO + Company, a bi-coastal fashion, lifestyle and entertainment agency specializing in celebrity and influencer integration for global brands. Her closet is mindblowing. Not only did ONE of The Coveteur members dash directly to the Isabel Marant store after seeing her kicks (we're not telling you which one), but she loves to paddle board. Her apartment is adorned with photos of Iggy Pop (she cast him in the John Varvatos campaign), and she’s the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind Thomas Wylde bag (it helps if you're friends with the designer, non?). She loves a designer collab (especially a Target one), and has an amazing bookshelf, which she thanks her parents for. " I am really fortunate that my parents made sure that from a young age I began stocking a little library of what they considered to be lifelong classics. Thankfully, I am committed to reading books regularly now since my apartment is the host for a monthly bookclub with a group of colleagues.” While her house may be a carefree zone, and pretty much anything goes, there's one rule that she abides by (so much so that these little words of wisdom are found in a needlepoint framed right above her toilet): "PLEASE DON'T DO COKE IN THE BATHROOM". Amen 'em who is boss.


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