Rachel Bilson & Nicole Chavez; Designers, ShoeMint. Los Angeles

Rachel Bilson and her celeb stylist-turned-business partner Nicole Chavez share a one-track mind. After all, they’re “in each others' lives every minute of the day,” Chavez tells us—and have been since the good ol’ days of The O.C.(R.I.P). As co-designers of ShoeMint, the monthly membership shoe program, the two work together harmoniously to create super cool soles that come straight to your doorstep. “The ShoeMint girl is every girl. Bilson, on the other hand, feels it’s a bit more utilitarian: “The ShoeMint girl is every girl. We really design for every woman; that is the biggest thing we strive for.” Views aside, the girls share a passion for fancy footwear and, as Bilson puts it, “a similar style aesthetic.” We spent the day on set at Smashbox Studios in L.A. with Bilson, Chavez, Yu Tsai (and his adorable dog, Soy!) and the entire ShoeMint crew, while they shot the Fall 2013 lookbook. While the team snapped Polaroids, we documented behind-the-scenes as the girls got pretty and primped and then Coveteur’d the collection. We had a blast catching up with Bilson and Chavez (already a Cov alum) and even played a little lightening round Q&A. Before we knew it, we heard the magic words “That’s a wrap!” and rolled out in our red Mustang convertible… we got a sweet deal at the rental place.
As part of a sponsored project with ShoeMint.


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