Sk8r Boiz (& Girls)

Wheeling soon into a home near you.

Here at The Coveteur HQ we’re obsessed with all things Hugh Holland (just like our girl Leanne Citrone) – his dreamy 1970s prints of SoCal skate culture truly captured a pure moment in time in the most beautiful way possible. And while we may only be rolling forward on our skateboards (we’re slowly working our way to a kick flip), we can’t help but love a perfectly placed deck that’s never actually made it past the front door. The majority of these mini works of art exists for fashion (well, home décor) sake rather than function and will likely never see a skatepark or come tête-à-tête with Tony Hawk. Part installation, part extension of self –these boards are pieces of artwork in their own right. And judging by the sheer number we’ve seen in some our fave Cov-alums homes, they, too, know very well that art is never confined to canvas alone.

Now let’s talk design: Just like picking the perfect candle (it’s a tough decision, but we got you covered), the right deck says a lot about its owner. John Jannuzzi enthusiastically tweeted the arrival of his Céline Morrocan-print skateboard – in all caps, nonethess; you would, too! Genevieve Jones, a designer with a love for all things whimsical had boards to match her colorful closet and Jake Davis, the filmmaker we daydream about daily had a stash of uber-cool skateboards by cult-label, Supreme. Davis even copped the coveted Damien Hirst and Marilyn Minter x Supreme boards; it would be practically skateboard suicide if these picturesque decks ever graced the pavement. Sorry, but some things are just better left leaning against the wall to be gawked at rather than put to real use.

Maybe it’s a nod to all of our punk past beginnings, but no matter how you flip it, a good board can’t be beat. Oh, and don’t worry about it never actually making it to the streets. Nevena Borissova’s Hello Kitty deck feels right at home among her Céline and Christopher Kane: “Guy Mariano (the super pro skateboarder) gifted Dorian [my son] the board. I am in hell because [Dorian] actually skateboards but I refuse to put wheels on it.” We feel you, girl. We would do the same.

Jake Davis

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