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Your skin will thank you for reading this.

As someone who's built a brand around her penchant for only the best of the best, we wouldn't put it past Tina Craig (a.k.a. Bag Snob) to have a similar attitude towards other areas of her life.

Craig's time playing guinea pig for her beauty blog, appropriately titled "Beauty Snob," would easily denote that this girl is capable of one hell of a product recommendation. Upon prompting her for a tiny sliver of her daily regime, she provided us with a lengthy list of products, favorite and go-tos. And take it from us—Craig's endorsement is a meaningful one given her candid nature. And do you really need to look any further than Craig herself (she looks all of, um, 21?) for further proof? She may have a young son, but based on that radiant (and wrinkle-free!) skin, we would have assumed otherwise. As for her secret saviour Well, let's just say its an unpredictable hippy/cult favorite; just please don't wear them with socks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  "I have a 7-10 step beauty routine depending on the season! It’s not easy to keep my skin clear with my travel schedule but I rely on the following:

Renée Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Peel. I turned so many friends on to this, including Erika Bearman (a.k.a. Oscar PR Girl)! We all swear by its magical ability to give you skin of a 12-year-old within 15 minutes.

Restorsea creams. They’re made of enzymes found in hatching salmon eggs (I think I like saying this as much as I like using it). My skin is very sensitive and I often get rashes from harsh acids. This is gentle yet supe-effective. It keeps my skin plump and line-free, despite spending thirty per cent of my life on airplanes.

Fresh Crème Ancienne eye cream. I have tried every expensive eye cream out there, and nothing beats this. Plus, it’s hand-blended by monks in a Czech monastery, not robots. I buy this in multiples whenever I get a discount code from Sephora. I promise this is the best thing you will walk away from after reading this feature. You can thank me later by sending me a bottle of cold bubbly.

Pūr~lisse SPF30 sunscreen. You don’t benefit much from anything over SPF30 except more chemicals to clog your pores. I apply this all over my face, neck, chest and hands (never forget the damn hands, they’re always the first giveaway!) every single day and reapply every hour if I’m out doors (even under an umbrella and hat!).

Birkenstocks. When I am not in five-inch heels, I am in one of my three pairs of Birkenstocks. And anyone who’s ever made fun of me always apologizes after they experience the amazing comfort of the Birk for themselves. I had Morton’s neuroma in 2011 and was told by a podiatrist that I not only needed foot surgery, but I had to give up all of my high-heels, forever. Not that I don’t trust doctors, but after consulting Google and a few girlfriends, I decided to wear Birkenstocks daily around my house. It healed the Morton’s neuroma within six months and saved me thousands of dollars! Money that I then spent on more five-inch heels.

By Terry Light Expert. Even at the end of fashion month, when my skin is saggy, haggy, and dry from sleep deprivation, jet-lag, and Champagne, I manage to fake a glow with a mere swipe of this stick. Trust me on this.

Vitamix. I refused to buy this because a $500 blender made no sense to me! (Though $1,000 shoes make perfect sense.) So my partner Kelly bought one for me for my birthday and I now cannot live without it. Kale and blueberry smoothies for breakfast; almond and cashew smoothies for lunch: I want to liquefy everything! It also makes soup, as it is industrial strength. The best kitchen invention, ever."

- As told to The Coveteur by Bag Snob (and The Beauty Snob's) Tina Craig.  

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