Aimee Song

Interior Designer & Blogger, Los Angeles

We’re pretty sure many of you are a regular reader of her blog, Song of Style, or at least one of her 500,000+ Instagram followers (!!!)—so we can skip the whole recap of her résumé, right?

We arrived at Song's house bright and early and hit it off instantly, playing with her adorable puppies, blasting 90s hip hop and even learning how to Crip Walk (girl’s got moves!). Though she had just moved into her brand new digs, we would have never known (did you see those duo barrel chairs? So dope!). Song had already gone ahead and decorated the space with personal trinkets. We’ll have you know, her trade is interior design.

“My first thought was to start an interior design blog, but when I posted one of my outfits as an experiment, and got a much better reaction, it instantly became a personal style blog,” Song told us.

Anticipating our arrival, Song (with a little help from her studly BF, Wesley) quickly built out her walk-in. She had meticulously organized her entire color-coordinated wardrobe and even gave it The Coveteur touch, creating quirky vignettes (see: shoes on books) throughout. Touring Song's closet, it became clear why her daily musings on her blog resonate with readers: incredibly wearable, and a masterful art of the high-low mix. From her accessories displayed on empty wine bottles to antique glass heads for hats, Song’s expert eye was evident throughout.

Can we talk about that hair, though? Her on-point ombré had us holding our jaws from wiping the floor. “You’ve got to tell us about the hair!” Erin gushed. Song was super modest, insisting it just kind of happened that way, and then turned the tables around, admiring Erin's expertly-highlighted blonde locks. From the natural beach waves to the spot-on color, we continued to ogle over Song’s serious mane.

“Maybe in your next life you’ll be Asian!” she joked. Here’s hoping!


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