Swimming with Soo Joo

It’s like a grade school field trip, only with a runway model. Wearing CHANEL. In Dubai.

At this point in the game we like to think of ourselves as pretty seasoned travellers. That said, there's a plethora of places for us to see (and give the Coveteur treatment to!) and we'd be naive to be anything but up for something new. Lucky for us, in the company we keep—or rather, befriend—there’s a common sense of adventure. So when we ran into Soo Joo Park—favored muse of Karl, untouchable street style magnet and Cov-alum—on a recent trip to Dubai with our newfound friends over at Front Row Mode, we thought we might as well continue the tradition and explore some uncharted territory. In other words? Go somewhere no Coveteur has dared to go before.

So rather than heading for the nearest mall (although we did that too—and there’s plenty of Dubai see-it-to-believe-it shopping #comingsoontoaCoveteurnearyou), or, you know, to an internationally obsessed-over, French fashion house's Cruise show (you might have noticed we attended that also, and so did Soo Joo), we figured we should dive headfirst (pun totally intended) into another Dubai attraction: the city’s massively extravagant water park. And what can we say? We made a real day of it. We mean, what with the unrelenting Middle Eastern heat, there isn’t really any better place to spend an afternoon. It’s like your sixth grade, end-of-the-school-year field trip, only with a runway model. Wearing CHANEL.

Equipped with a Go-Pro (as if we'd miss a single moment), Soo Joo pretty much had the run of the park. And like a girl after our own hearts, she went from water slide to snack bar to aquarium to slushie stand in quick succession. You know, ‘cause you might as well go the whole way once the prepubescent nostalgia hits. A float down the lazy river along with a (large) tray of fries was the perfect cap to the afternoon. And the following evening at the CHANEL show? We could have sworn we spied some of that courtesy-Dubai-sunshine glow from the front row as Soo Joo strode by. See what we mean by adventurer’s spirit?



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