Spring Break Forever, B*tches

How do we love Harmony Korine? Let us count the ways... starting with the beauty breakdown.

Hedonistic college girls (with guns) gone wild, starring reigning teen queens and as penned by Harmony Korine. Can we just say that Spring Breakers (in theatres everywhere this weekend) is kind of our dream? Seriously, we haven't anticipated a movie this hard since well… Bling Ring.

Thanks in part to an Opening Ceremony collaboration, the buzz surrounding the film's fashion has reached it's fever pitch; with visions of neon string bikinis and 'DTF' emblazoned sweatpants surely swimming in everyone's heads. And while we could defend the film (which we loved) with lengthy essays about what it means for girl culture, we're sure your Twitter feeds will shortly be saturated with enough think pieces to make your head spin. Instead, can we talk about the film's spot-on beauty looks? Brit, Candy, Cotty, and Faith perfectly capture that kind of "spring break, bitches" beauty. You know what we're talking about… two-day old mascara smudged along the bottom lash line just so, glossy-without-trying-too hard popsicle pink lips, and beachy sea salt waves.

For those permanently pink lips, we're into Tarte's Lipsurgence Lip Tint, a low-maintenance lip stain with just the right amount of sheen—we recommend either Charmed, a petal pink or Amused, a more poppy fuchsia, both of which will complement your requisite pink ski mask. Plus, dabbing on the chubby crayon is kind of fool proof, meaning you can apply even if you happen to be sans mirror—you know, like in a holding cell, or something. Throughout the movie, the girls also have the kind of perfectly tousled, beachy hair going on; the kind that is really best achieved with the help of a little sea salt and um, sweat. If you're running low on drinking-40's-by-the-ocean time, you can get a similar effect by scrunching any sea salt spray into your hair. For this, we like bumble & bumble's surf spray and John Master's Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray, infused with a lavender fragrance that will freshen you up a little.

The girls in the film have fairly flawless skin; and while going foundation-free is obviously the best option when you're on a week-long crime spree, some of us still require a little coverage. Any tinted moisturizer or BB cream works as an ideal warm weather fix, though we recommend erring on the side of caution when it comes to creamy concealers, which are likely to melt right off. Our fix? Beginning with a light primer, like M.A.C.'s Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer, which evens out your skin tone before you even put anything on, while ensuring your base doesn't budge. Afterwards, follow up with a setting spray like Urban Decay's (appropriately named) All Nighter, which comes in a tiny, travel-ready 1 oz. bottle. A few spritzes seals in face and eye make up for well, all nighters (again, see: going to jail).

Can we confess that after the four girls' stint in jail (thank you, Alien), we were itching to pull out a face wipe? There is seriously nothing better on any vaycay-turned-crime spree—who wants to tote around their usual oil cleansers? Plus, they can be found at virtually any drugstore—we like Yes to Cucumber's iteration, which are super soothing and just smell so fresh and so clean, clean, making them perfect for wiping away a night's worth of debauchery.

Spritz on some Calvin Klein Escape (taking cues from James Franco's Alien), and get your balaclava and bikini—"spring breakers forever, bitches!"

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