Started From the Bottom

A look back at Drizzy's best and brightest moments.

He coined the term YOLO as both a lifestyle and an ironic hashtag. He set us free with his pro-loungewear status and sweatpant-affirming lyrics (hair tied chillin’ with no makeup on as we write this). He rocked a wheelchair as Jimmy Brooks, and rocked The Wheelchair as a freshly Bar Mitzvah’d dancing king oozing incomprehensible preteen swag (that vest! That mini-‘fro!).

From the aisles of Shopper’s Drug Mart all the way up to GQ covers and casual Grammy’s hangs with the Knowles-Carter clan (fancy, huh?), if one’s thing’s for certain, nothing would be the same without Aubrey Drake Graham. And trust us, his latest endeavor may be the Best We Ever Had. Make room on your playlists, because our favorite fast-talking Canadian crooner officially drops* the aptly titled Nothing Was The Same today!

Rife with Drizzy-standard double-entendres (he knew you needed some new Instagram-caption material) and acid-tongued lyricism (“Like aye B, I got your CD, E for effort”), NWTS is NSFW in the best way possible. So grab you Frends headphones (#NoNewFriends, guys) and the champagne[papi] cause tonight we drink to some more accomplishments.

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