Steve Angello

VELD Music Festival 2013. Toronto

“It’s showtime!” DJ Steve Angello said to us, as we walked with full entourage in tact towards the stage.

When Angello (one-third of Swedish House Mafia) personally invites you to spend the day with him, you jump at the opportunity. After hanging with his whole family at their L.A. home just a few weeks prior, we were already well-acquainted and eager to catch up with what felt like an old friend. For a guy who spends almost 365 days a year on tour spinning for a crows of over 80,000 people, like at Tomorrowland, you can only imagine how exhausted one would be. But Angello, fresh off the plane from tearing it up at Chicago’s Lollapalooza, was every bit welcoming and energetic with that signature smile on his face. He greeted us with open arms and spent some time catching up with us before his big gig.

“I counted my shoe collection back in Sweden,” he confessed, referring to the rest of his massive stash of monogrammed colorful kicks we had previously perused. “Another 250!” Consequentially the conversation then turned to his “shoe problem,” to which we assured him that there could be a lot, uh, worse addictions to have.

With his Valentino camouflage sneakers perfectly laced up and standard black baseball cap backwards, Angello approached the stage with confidence. You could feel the positive vibes from the rowdy crowd of half-naked kids clad in neon tank tops and cut-offs. (Note to self: If you’re not wearing a crop top, some form of neon, a floral crown and said denim cut-offs, you can’t sit with us. #MusicFestivalAttire) When he appeared at the turntables and dropped the base beat, the crowd erupted. Apparently we didn’t get the neon earplug memo, so suffice to say we had a few hearing issues after. As the sun set, Angello spun a sick set of beats and even threw in a few crowd favorites – cause, really, who doesn’t want to sing along to “Sweet Dreams” and “We Are Your Friends?” He even grabbed our camera mid-set to snap a shot of the crowd from his view before making way for DeadMau5 to take the stage.

It was a day filled with camaraderie and compassion alongside his entire Size Matters team, where it was completely evident for Steve that "Together We Matter"; that same attitude he applies to his charity, Size Foundation. As we headed back to Angello’s trailer feeling somewhat high from the whole experience (or maybe it was just the Red Bull?), he insisted we meet up the old fashioned way at his hotel the next day to sift through the photos. Let’s just say this is a man who may very well Save The World. (See what we did there?)

<i>Photography courtesy of Katie Henderson</I>



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