Supreme-ly Good

This ain't no pageant, but Supreme New York takes the crown.

If you can’t tell by our unintentional product placement, we’re big fans of Supreme. Whenever we spot that red-and-white logo we’re drawn to it like a magpie to DANNIJO. (Who are we kidding? Like ourselves to DANNIJO). And we’re not alone in our obsession—it’s approaching epidemic status.

When we caught up with says The Collaborative Agency founder Aaron Bakalar (what feels like) forever ago, he had already come to terms with his Supreme-ly, full-on, addiction. “I just went to all my meetings today with this bag,” he told us. “I did yesterday, too. And the day before that. And it will continue to be in my hand tomorrow. I should probably throw it in the wash soon.” Let’s just hope he did… 

With a long-list of killer collabs like Comme Des Garçons, Marilyn Minter and Kermit the Frog (a personal fave, shot by the one and only Terry Richardson), Supreme has shoved it and kick-flipped its way to dominating New York City culture. But it goes way beyond skateboard and custom decks: we’ve spotted everything from namesake boxing gloves to dog bowls and basketballs, as well as baseball bats to snapbacks to nunchucks (obviously, for all your nunchuck needs) in plenty of Coveteurs’ closets. 

“The skateboard was a gift from Neville Wakefield,” says The Terminal Presents founder Jenné Lombardo on her matte black deck. “Very rare cool Richard Prince/Supreme shit. It’s my most treasured item.”

The most Supreme-ly prolific collection award goes to filmmaker Jake Davis, who captured the concrete-jungle grittiness of the Supreme scene (Lords of Dogtown meets 2013 influencers, like Supreme’s brand director Angelo Baque) in his short films for the company. His house is littered with stacks-on-stacks of Supreme gear—squirt gun? Check. Tweed Sherlock Holmes-esque cap? Check. Kermit still? Check.

“Kermit is pretty cool. The first film I did for Supreme with Angelo Baque was for the Kermit the Frog campaign. Marilyn Minter for Supreme are my favorite of all the deck collaborations,” says Davis on his fandom. “[And] Supreme beanies in crazy colors? Yes, please!”

And for those who have never actually, uh, skated before or plan to do so, like we said, some things are better left on display than put to use.

Jake Davis

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Jenne Lombardo

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