Surfboard Waves

'Yonce's wet-look waves: a how-to with her hairstylist.

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After all, it’s only been one short week since the the chair dance heard ‘round the world—a.k.a. last week’s televised Beyoncé concert Grammy’s. And as if the custom Saint Laurent tights, itty-bitty bodysuit and Jennifer Fisher jewelry wasn’t quite enough, ‘Yonce had to go and make her grand entrance with OG surf hair—meaning, like, actually wet, tousled, salt spray kissed hair.

Now that we’ve had time to fully digest and recover (read: repeated YouTube viewings), we’ve come to the conclusion that in order to take lip-syncing alone at home to the next level and get that #surfboard hair for ourselves. You know, so we can feel like we’re really one with our inner Beyonce—we mean, isn’t that all anyone really wants?

Forget the Super Bowl for a second—we mean, we already have. 

And so wanting to complete our homage to the Queen Bee, we hit up Kim Kimble, Beyoncé’s long-time hair stylist, who was on hand and backstage before her big performance. Kimble was happy to give credit where credit was due, and revealed that the whole thing was actually masterminded by Knowles. “The look was inspired by the video and she wanted something edgy to compliment her amazing performance. The thing that I love about working with Beyoncé is that she always has such great ideas. Going for wet hair can sometimes be a little risky and a bit challenging, but I was very happy with the results, and we had such a blast working together. The entire evening was magical fun. I think the dress, the makeup, and the way that she made it all come together was magic and the tousled waves were a great, as they seamlessly connected to the entire look.”

And in case you were wondering, no, Knowles didn’t just so happen to take a dip before heading onstage. Kimble explained, “I used two key items, the Pantene mousse and Kimble paddle brush. I used the mousse to set her hair, so that it would boost a wet and kind of tousled look, and gently used the Kimble paddled brush to evenly distribute the product throughout her hair.” That said, while we all (allegedly) have as many hours in the day as ‘Yonce, is there really a way to get the look for ourselves at home without having to leave the house with a head of sopping-wet hair (and subsequent hypothermia)? Read on for the full breakdown—directly from Kimble herself.

1. Start with clean, wet hair.

2. Next, work the Pantene Pro-V Curly No Crunch Curls Whip into hair from root to tip to define frizz-free curls. Then brush through with a paddle brush to create soft, piece-y waves, and scrunch hair to help keep its definition.

3. Spritz the Pantene Advanced+ Keratin Repair KeraGloss Oil Mist to add shine.

4. To go from sexy to modern ‘20s chic, dry hair with a diffuser. Point the diffuser toward your crown to keep hair smooth at the root and use underneath at the ends of hair to achieve volume.

5. Continue to scrunch hair until dry for added body. Use a 1/2 inch flat iron and wrap small pieces of hair around it to create additional soft waves, similar to a curling wand, to create a few additional waves.

6. Tame flyaways at the roots of hair by using the Pantene Pro-V Stylers Shaping Hairspray. It’s important this style looks messy and flawless, so a small amount of product at the crown is all you need.

7. Finish off the look with the Pantene Advanced+ Keratin Repair KeraGloss Oil Mist for shiny, effortless waves.

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