Susie Lau

Blogger; Freelance Writer. London

After climbing up her fire escape and through her loading dock-esque door, we were graciously greeted by Ms. Lau (you do know Bubble isn’t her last name, right?) in one of her only-she-could-pull-off-such-a-thing ensembles. Clad in an oversized Calla hat, Christopher Kane Tevas and Prada Plexiglas sunnies, Lau guided us around her home, sharing the scoop behind each coveted gem. The unique thing about Lau is that she’s got the knowledge and eloquence to back-up her sartorial choices. Unsurprisingly, Lau had one of the most extensive closets that we’ve seen to date: it was filled with the most insane collection of creepers and ‘flatforms’, a plethora of collector’s items and an array of gifts from her designer friends. Lau once inherited Christopher Kane’s entire collection of prototype heels, scrapped before his runway show, and we couldn’t help but squirm with excitement as she unveiled virtually every Nicholas Kirkwood collab. We were impressed with Lau’s keen sense of style and aesthetic; she has an indisputable eye and appreciation for the unique. As an authoritative voice in the London fashion scene, behind her signature bangs and bun is a girl who lives, breathes and truly understands fashion. It’s no wonder she’s credited as one of the pioneers of the fashion blogging revolution.


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