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One application will have you feeling almost as if everything bad has been vacuumed out of your pores. Swearsies.

If you've so much as stepped foot on an airplane, you can imagine how a few weeks of back-to-back (to back to back…) of traveling will do a number on your skin. Since we've been there recently, allow us to drop a little (insanely valuable) knowledge on you: Tata Harper's Resurfacing Mask

The Colombian facialist's backstory goes a little something like this: Tata Harper lives on a 1200 acre farm in Vermont, and yes, some of her product's ingredients (which you will proceed to slather on your face) are sourced from that very farm. Charming, no? And so it goes without saying that her Resurfacing Mask is made up of mostly organic ingredients like French pink clay (fancy!) which gets rid of oil and other gunk, Aloe vera and beet extract to hydrate, and white willow extract to calm and get rid of redness. Essentially, one application will have you feeling almost as if everything bad has been vacuumed out of your pores, making it just the fix for suddenly fussy skin.

Open up the pretty pot and you'll find a baby pink, jelly-like mask (with a consistency that bares a striking resemblance to Dep hair gel of the '90s and early aughts). Don't be fooled by it's Dep-like properties: it's far from sticky or slimy. It's got a super subtle fragrance that's slightly floral and grapefruit-y, too. Smooth a generous layer all over your face and after a few minutes, it begins to create a tight, filmy mask. We don't advise trying to do a business conference call or one of those I've-had-a-rough-day-and-need-to-vent sessions with your best friend on the phone once applied. You face feels like it's been frozen in time, but in this insanely good way that makes you start to question if you just had a facelift instead. The longer you wear the mask, the more it feels like you're rolling back the years. The best part? There's no tingling, irritation or anything like that. We suggest leaving it on for up to half an hour then wash off with some warm water and revel in taut, smooth and instantly radiant skin. Seriously, those gross little mysterious dry patches that flying seems to suddenly bring out? Gone. Sallow, lifeless complexion? Non-existent. And despite our own inclination towards more science-y skincare brands, Harper's whole all-green-everything thing kind of has us entertaining the idea of living on an organic farm fantasy of our own.

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